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Interview with CCPCR shelter manager in Phnom Penh and one resident

Learn more about CCPCR shelter activities by watching this video.

"My education is my right"

Watch our short video « My education is my right » and support our crowdfunding campaign to provide 150 children in Svay Rieng Province with school materials. https://www.generosity.com/…/my-education-is-my-…/x/12658749

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CCPCR will receive funding from this year's Angkor Wat Bike4Kids! Event.

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Lotus House - Siem Reap
CCPCR is excited to announce a new partnership with Senhoa (www.senhoa.org) in Siem Reap. In January 2011 we will be opening Lotus House, a transition home for up to 15 women, providing them with safe and secure subsidized accommodation.

Sihanoukville Shelter - Can you help?
CCPCR opened a shelter in Sihanoukville in 1997. Unfortunately, the shelter had to close due to lack of funding in 2007.  During the 10 years of operation, the shelter rehabilitated and reintegrated approximately 300 women and girls. CCPCR would like to reopen its shelter. Can you help make this happen?

Painting in Phnom Penh!
In late November, two volunteers from Star Kampuchea worked with the girls at the Phnom Penh shelter to paint murals on the walls of the room that is to become the library.

Volunteer Updates

Read here about life at the shelter in Svay Rieng, written by a VSA Volunteer.

Stories From Our Children

Extreme poverty experienced by large proportions of the population has rendered many of the youth in Cambodia vulnerable to all forms of abuse. It is difficult for the children to remove themselves from these high-risk situations because of limited skills and education, lack of understanding about child labor and trafficking laws, impeded access to health care and almost non-existent family income. Some families literally cannot afford their children. In a society where there is such an active sex trade, which demands young children, and child labor is just the norm, children, especially daughters, are sadly becoming a commodity.

Every year we receive requests from well-meaning donors and others who wish to interview our shelter residents as to their reasons for being with us. It is CCPCR’s firm policy not to allow such interviews or to use their personal traumas for fundraising purposes as we choose to keep our children’s personal stories confidential for their own protection and respect for their future wishes. Our shelters are not orphanages. All residents are with us for a reason, some longer than others and we do ask that our policy be respected.

To give you an idea of the traumatic experiences our children have been through, we will share a few anonymously here.